What is AudioStretch?

AudioStretch the world’s first audio and video transcription tool that allows you to slow-down, loop or auto-transpose the notes for a piece of music you are trying to learn.

Now you can manipulate the pitch, speed and transcribe your tunes from both audio and video files; or by using your phone’s camera you can capture video directly into AudioStretch and transcribe it!



• Import audio or video files

• Capture video with your phone camera for transcription

• Change the speed of files without changing the pitch

• Listen to the individual notes as you drag the waveform

• Play audio and video at zero speed

• Transpose any music

• Loop difficult to learn sections



• Load songs from your Music Library. 

• Document Picker import/export option supports iCloud, OneDrive, and more

• Open Dropbox files and email attachments via "Open In"

• LiveScrub™ : listen as you drag/hold the waveform

• Speed range -10x to 10x, including zero speed!

• Instant freeze to zero speed by double-tapping on speed display

• Pitch shift range +/- 36 semitones

• Keyboard/spectrum feature for transcription

• Super-fine speed/pitch adjustment via drag left-right on speed/pitch display

• Flexible looping feature

• Audiobus support: stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps!

• No ads or in-app purchases


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